Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When space is limited...

One of the topics on a forum that I frequent a lot is ORGANIZATION:
So with that I though this was a perfect time to give you all some ideas on how I organize my space... I have a craft room that is very small... Probably 10'-8' (if that) We blocked off part of a second master bedroom in our house to use as my own space... I have two closets in the space which helps A LOT with organization, and then the "wall" that we blocked it off with is just a piece of ply-wood and then my husband put a kitchen counter on that wall with legs and all for my desk.
Some of the key points in my space are:
I have a cart in my closet where I keep all my misc. mounted stamps. (my daughter knows she can use the stamps in here!) Kind of hard to see in this picture (it is the pink one at the bottom right side.) I got lucky enough to find mine at a garage sale. but you can look on ebay or for something simular!
I also have a Kitchen Cabnet in this area... this is where I put the envelopes, and extra stuff (My bottles of rubbing alcohol and baby powder)

I think that filing cabnets (whether real or these plastic ones are great for keeing books, catalogs and such!)

Above all this is a shelf where I put these -->
Magazine racks and shoe boxes. I got mine from ABC Distributing Co. They are plastic and come in 6 pretty colors. I keep all my Stampin' Up! magazines and inspiration sheets here, along with any Magazine that I choose to keep. I have an extra Ink Pad rack in here so that I have a place for the stamp pads that I give away at workshops or what ever!

Old stle photo albums are a great way to store die-cuts, and stickers. Or UNMOUNTED stamps fit well in them too...

This is where I keep my paper addiction... this thing has a voice... I tell you... seriously It is always saying "Feed Me!" It is the leaning tower of Pappah! ha ha ha
I have all my paper seperated by color family and then I have all my patterened papers and then toward the bottom I have all the paper that is NOT Stampin' Up! I love the cordinating colors with ink and stuff so I almost always use the paper and ink from S.U!
On top of this shelf I have a "bill" organizer, I have poems that I print out and don't use right away up here. (for an example I may print out a bunch of Teacher poems and instead of using a whole piece of paper for one poem I print it a couple times more and put the extras up here so that when I make another project that needs that poem... it is already at my finger tips. (already printed) The other thing you see here is a Magnet board... it is actually just a piece of sheet metal that my husband had extra from some work he did, and I "stole" it. Hung it up and hang all those sweet notes from my kids on this one along with a calendar and some reminders.
This is my bookshelf that my hubby found ... I think it's original purpose is for C.Ds... it's a very shallow book shelf. I organize my stamps by "favorites" I get in my "ruts" and use the same stamp set for a month then move back and forth to a different set... Since I don't do a TON of workshops anymore I organize them according to what I love most toward the top and then work my way down... They change places every month. The top shelf though, always has my backgrounds, my cuttlebug embossing folders, and my "salutations" anything that has words or phrases in on the top shelf.

I have an index card box for my unmounted stamps that get used frequently but that are NOT Bellas... they all get their own sheet of cardstock and they get filed away in the little box. I have a little binder that I put my Bellas.
On top of the bookshelf there are Jars, and Canisters for extra ribbon, I have my prisma flowers here, I have baskets That I got from Southern Living at Home (2 for $20.00) They hold the spounges, daubers, and and things of this sort. I have containers from The Container Store (they were like 39 cents) that hold Baubles, Eyelets and Brads and stuff... (You can't really see these colorful little treasures in this picture very good but they are wonderful!) I also keep a 3 drawer storage unit where I keep my hardware, and my sharpie markers, and marbles and stuff that are misc. tools.

As you can see in this picture I put my ribbon and wheels on dowles... Which I have hanging on the wall with hooks... But these are not ordinary hooks because it is hard to find hooks that stick out from the wall far enough... so here is a hint: LOOK IN THE WINDOW COVERING SECTIONS at the nearest store... I found these on the aisle at Lowes where Blinds and Curtains are kept.

Here is my Ink Pad Rack... it is an old Cassette Rack... which I have been wanting to spray paint but haven't gotten around to it yet... But for now I store the pads according to family... it is like a grid system ... each color has a specific slot!

I have these three vases and some misc. decor on top of the shelf. . I try to surround my self with wonderful phrases and beauty! This in some's opinion is wasted space! but I love it!

this picture also shows how I put some cork on the wall so that I can hang other tools... I put my heat gun here so that it is at arms reach.

Okay so here is my desk... We left the wall only half way up because I like to watch t.v. and my husband has an area on the other side where he works on his remote control cars... We like to spend time in the office together at the same time so we didn't completely wall off the area.
This picture shows the best BUY I have ever made... this Totally-Cool Tote 2 is wonderful!!! It is a must have! It hold sooooo many tools...!
I have yet another 3 drawer unit on my desk for the Zig markers, and other things like wire, wire cutters and so on... an then I also keep my Embossing Powders here!
See the little book on the desk, that is my Bella Bindah! Love them enough to make them their own place in my space!
There are so many ways to organize your things... no matter how big your space, you always need more!!!
Thanks for reading!

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Sherry Kile said...

Great organizing ideas! I'm curious how you made your paper "filing cabinet"? Where did you find the hardware to make it and did you use zip ties to hold each shelf up? Very creative! I also love your Bella book. I want to invest in some bellas but haven't ordered from their website yet. Can you find bellas at any craft stores or do you have to order from their website ( You can reach me at