Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pop Up Bella

Seems like every time I turn around I have a birthday to make a card for!!! ISN'T LIFE GREAT!!! Ha ha ha I love it! I want more friends so that I have even more cards to make!!! It's just an excuse to be in my space making cards.
This one is my most recent Bella card. I made her with Presentabella. I love her so much because you can use her for SOOO many different things... Birthday, thanks, mother's day, anything that gets presents... I mean it worked welll for Christmas and for almost any holiday!
I used Soft Sky for the first time with this card, and I used some Wintergreen Patterned paper and Chocolate Chip. There are accents of Certainly Celery too....

Her dress is paper pieced... which I admit I am not very good at but it turned out okay on this particular one. I colored the dots in with some gel-pens.

The stripes and the dots were a little tooo busy for my taste so I covered the present with the same background paper. I think it turned out cute. and the "Ribbon" on the package was colored with gel-pens again and stuck on seperate than the rest. A scalloped circle and several circles add the final touch of the sentiment.

I made this so that it would pop up... when she opened it up there was her name that popped up out of the center of the card... I tried to take a picture but it turned out quite blurry. (I will be so glad when my scanner is up and running again!) Here is that picture, and on the back when it is open the people that see the back have this little pannel that pops up also... "I'm 35 years OLD"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Heartfelt Thanks is a great stamp set!!!

Tried and True... This stamp set is one that I always fall back on when in need of a good card! Love it! Heartfelt Thanks from Stampin' Up! (R) is a wonderful set to own!!! Flowers are always great because you can always use them for birthdays, thank you, sympathy, thinking of you, mothers day, valentines, easter, you name it.... you can use this set for it! I also like it because it is a two step stamp, which means that you can stamp the "color" down and then the "outline" over it. I love that!!!

This is a new color combonation for me too... I love it and it could be come my new favorite! This is Stampin' Up!'s IN COLOR 08 color Bayou Blue, and Certainly Celery. I used Bayou Blue double stitched ribbon for the accent. I feel like it might need one more thing... maybe up by the photo corners... but can't figure out what that might be yet. So this is what we are sticking with for now.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Valentine Bellas

Not that you need to know this to like or dislike this card, and maybe I shouldn't tell the story behind the card... but I am going to tell you anyway!
My mom and her life partner live in Oregon where it is not legal for same-sex couples to get married. Since their love is NOT recognized by so many people... (love should be universal not designated by the church or state!) ...anyway.... (it's one of my topics so I will refrain from sharing too much here!!)
So anyway... I send them a card every Valentines kind of a way to say "I recognize the love you have had for all these years." So that is why I have two women on the front of the card. On the inside I put "to a relationship that deserves to be recognized!!!"
Did you see I put a skirt on Cosmobella to dress her up? I love it! I covered Winabella with red stickles... and the glasses are covered in chrystal effects. each girl has a pretty stickles barret or head band.
So anyway... I just wanted to share this card with you all... Thanks for reading... I appologize for going off on my tangent. I just STRONGLY believe in HUMAN rights ... whether it be sexuality, or color of skin or what ever the difference is that makes some different than the "common" person... I just want to see the world be EQUAL to all humans!!!
Okay that is all... hope you like the card!

Friday, February 1, 2008

My newphew is 1

I have finally been able to sit down and make a card for my nephew's 1st birthday. I know that a kid has to have something that keeps their attention! So....What better than a spinner card!!!

Check this card out!!! I am so delighted with it and how it turned out...

My nephews name is CARSON (obviously) the front says "Carson is" ... in the strip where the "spinner" goes I used words that started with each letter of his name...

Cute, Amazing, Remarkable, Splendid... and then inside it says: "One Now". The picture doesn't show it that great but it is super cute... I put Chrystal Effects as drops of water dripping off of the Dolphin, and each letter in his name has chrystal effects in it too. It's kind of plain but super cute...IRL.

Pick a petal or two.

Pick a Petal... Humm... I got this set of stamps, thinking it was a grand idea... and I have struggled with it ever since I got it. I have a hard time thinking of things to make with it, I bought the chipboard blossoms to go with it and haven't even used it with those really...

However, I did make this card and I think it turned out pretty! I just love Pomegranet and Yellow together.
I would love to see some of your creations with this set... If anyone has any Pick a Petal cards that you can comment and link to I would love to see them.
IN FACT... Lets make it a challenge... If you have a Pick A Petal card, that is somewhat out of the ordinary comment here and link to your blog or to the picture of it. When you link and post a pic of your card on your blog PLEASE cross reference back to me! I will draw a name from those who play, and send some YUMMY Card CANDY to that person!!! Don't forget to cross reference!!
Thanks and good luck!!