Friday, February 1, 2008

My newphew is 1

I have finally been able to sit down and make a card for my nephew's 1st birthday. I know that a kid has to have something that keeps their attention! So....What better than a spinner card!!!

Check this card out!!! I am so delighted with it and how it turned out...

My nephews name is CARSON (obviously) the front says "Carson is" ... in the strip where the "spinner" goes I used words that started with each letter of his name...

Cute, Amazing, Remarkable, Splendid... and then inside it says: "One Now". The picture doesn't show it that great but it is super cute... I put Chrystal Effects as drops of water dripping off of the Dolphin, and each letter in his name has chrystal effects in it too. It's kind of plain but super cute...IRL.

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Anonymous said...


I love this card and I know a couple of couples that it would work well for as well. I absolutely lov ethe skirt on Cosmobella, too cute. I am going to have to case that idea. I know they will live this card and that you took the time to make is especially for them.

MWAH Sistah,