Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Advent Calendar

This is my advent calendar... which was a fun thing that they did on SCS. So here is mine... It is strips of paper, that are intertwined kind of weaved so that they can hold mini candy bars between them.

Okay so here is how you can do it...

You will need 3 pieces of 12x12 cardstock... (I used Old Olive) and an 8 1/2 x 11 (Real Red) and a piece of whisper white. stamps of numbers and punches to cut out the numbers. ... I also have white ribbon, and silver cord.

How to:

1. Stamp all the numbers from 1 - 25. and then I stamped one star for the day of Christmas... I guess it depends on when you are going to start counting down... you may only need 24 days. punch each number out with a circle punch and set aside.

2. Cut a 12x12 sheet of cardstock into 2" strips.

3. Lay the cardstock long-ways on your paper trimmer and cut slits only 1" through the strip, every 2" (You will need 8 strips so use a second piece of paper when you need that.)

4. Now you are going to basically weave the strips together interlocking the slits. (each square alternates one in front of the other...) This forms little pocket like spots between the two strips of paper... you will need to tape or glue the ends together... *just about a 1/4"
5. Cut One 2" strip off the 11" side of the 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock... cut in half and do the same as step 4 to this one... I cute a 1/4" from end so that I had a little tab to start the pocket. this is for your Last day to count.
6. Now use the rest of the paper... score at 2" from edge and fold on that score line to make a "topper". I stamped the words DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS on this part... you could say count down till Christmas or what ever you want.
7. Now adhere the strips down from the topper and tape slightly under edge... to the longer part of the "topper"
8. Now is the time to stick the numbers to the pockets... I went from 25 in the bottom Right hand corner up the strip to 20 and then 19- 14 on the strip from bottom to top and so on...
9. Decorate how you want, I stamped my kids names and popped them out and doubled them up and ran cord through them... I put this under the number 1.
I used ribbon to embellish the edge of the topper... you don't have to do that... it is just for decor. this is so much easier than it is to write... you should try it.
load up the pockets with Hershey Mini candy bars or Nuggets might work too... something thin and small works best. (tootsie rolls work as well.)

And now you are ready to count down to the holiday.

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