Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Clever little bella...

I amaze myself sometimes when I work on a card and then it turns out better than I had anticipated! I LOVE this card:
This is Snowbunnybella from Stamping Bella and the best part of this card is the snowflakes... and SOOOO simple!!!
Okay so on the edge of my white paper I punched out the snowflake. (I used Martha Stewart's collection from Michael's) But the trick is to only punch HALF OF THE PUNCH... so you put the edge of the paper halfway through the punch... and then you take the piece that you popped out and lay it beside the negative space from the edge. SO SIMPLE RIGHT??? Oh my gosh...
Then I used Stampin' Up!'s Lumiere as a glue and glued a Bauble from Stamping Bella down in the center of the snowflakes. Is this not soooo Cute? I love it! You should try this technique with hearts, or flowers, or any symetrical shaped stamp... even stars (which are very popular right now) or ... well you get the drift... You could probably even come up with a creative thing to do with squares or circles.

Here are a few other SnowBunnyBella cards I did! she is my favorite at the present time... although when I get Glideabella and daisyboardabella it will probably change!

This one I used "liquid applique" on the cuffs and hood, and then I touched it with lumiere to make it look shimmery! It is sooo pretty.

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Lynn said...

Your SnowbunnyBellas turned out beautiful, I love how you did the snowflakes and your coloring is fabulous!