Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So Glad that Christmas is OVAH!

I don't know about any of you out there, but I am sooooo glad that Christmas is over!!! With a Blended family, we have so many different events to go to and have different parties to attend and everyone has different gift giving games and stuff... WHEW!! We just got done doing my last family event this last Sunday!!! Oh my gosh, what a fabulous time we had!!! It was the icing on the cake...
We decided to change things up this year, so we told everyone to "buy yourself a gift, wrap it up and bring it for a Mystery Gift Game" We made it up, and I have to say it was the best game we have had in a long time! Usually the "white elephant" game is a favorite one, everyone brings a gift that is valued at $30.00 or what ever and then you pick and you can steal an opened gift or you can open a new one under the tree... It gets wild!!!
But this Mystery gift was soooo much fun!!!! Everyone brought a gift that they bought for themselves... So there is no price or value limit... you can spend what ever you want on yourself... Wrap it and make it look nice... and bring it to the tree. We lined up all the mystery gifts up and everyone took turns opening up a gift that WAS NOT their own. You open it up and show it off to the rest of the people at the party! Everyone writes on their own piece of paper who they think that gift belongs to. This was the best because my husband who is 6'4" and 260lbs. was said to bring many gifts... Ha ha ha it was quite funny! We continued on with the game and then at the end everyone reveals which gift was theirs... who ever guesses the most gifts wins the "door prize!" It was such a fun party!
Anyway, just thought I would share this fun game with you all! I have more to talk about but I will do that in a bit!
Bye for now!

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LeAnne said...

Hey Laura, I found you becuase you commented on my blog that you live in Aurora. I actually live in Aurora too (I just put Denver because more people know where that is). I work part time at the Archivers at I-225 and Alameda. i would love to meet up sometime (mabe at Archivers) to do some stamping and Bella play. Send me an email at if you are interested.

MWAH Sistah,