Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dad's Birthday

OH MY GOSH!!! I am so proud of myself right now it is insain!!! Let me give you a little 411 for this card before I show it to you... Okay so my dad turns 58 tomorrow~ He and his wife and my step-brother all do this thing with KOI fish... they have this HUGE store that is all about these fish... and they have this "Lake" (well I would concider it a lake... even though it is really a pond) on their property... My dad is always taking the kids out to see the fish, they have named some of these fish after all the grandkids and stuff.. they even have one that will come up and eat out of your hand. (School bus is his name) Anyway... They sell these fish for those who have ponds and stuff.... My dad, who isn't really a "part" of the business seems to always be doing most of the "labor" work.... but that's a different story... so
I made this card for his birthday! Shoot my scanner isn't working for what ever reason... so I have to take a picture of it... and that never shows it quite as good...

Isn't he adorable... I changed the fishafella (from Stamping Bella) to a man holding a net... and a bag full of fish that he is going to sell! ha ha ha I love it. Here are the details: I used Kraft cardstock, Black and Not Quite Navy. The patterned paper is from BasicGrey, There is Magic Mesh. I stamped the little guy two times. I don't know why I did it that way, but I cut out his clothes and adhered them to the other one... weird that I did it that way! Use Tag Punch to make the tags. and HodgePodge Hardware. I used my slit punch to make the scallopped edge. when I stamped the little guy I used wrapping tape to cover up the fishing pole, inked up image, and then removed the tape so that the fishing pole just didn't stamp and I drew in the net with marker, and gel pens.

The bag of fish I cut some fish out of the second stamped image and put them in the middle of a plastic cellobag tied with a piece of fishing line. *I basically tied a piece of fishing line around the top of a little piece of cellobag, and then folded the bottom up around he fish and taped everything so that it looked like a bag. I thought about putting some "gel" in there to make it look like water... but didnt want any leakage!

What fun! The best part... Is I will just sign a Post-it note, and stick it to the inside of the card, He knows so many people that love fish, that this is a great card for him to "ReGive" to someone that has a birthday. (This helps spread the word about my cards.) Just remember to give credit to Stamping Bella for her artwork and my email address for contact incase anyone wants a specialized card.


Anonymous said...

This is a super card! Your Dad will love it. I love it when you can get creative and come up with something new. Great Job!

BTW I am still waiting for my Archiver's schedule... we soo need to get together!


Christi said...

This is awesome!! I'm sure your dad will love it! Great job!!

deb said...

Love this card!! You did a great job! Will have to put this fella on the top of my list! Toooo Cute!!