Thursday, October 25, 2007

This was fun

This was fun, I joined a swap challenge... the challenge was to create a Christmas card not using any Christmas Fellas or Bellas. So we had to use a bella stamp that wasn't obviously a Christmas themed stamp. Ha ha
This is what I came up with. I printed on the inside: Regardless of where, or how you spend the season....... Enjoy! I think it is super cute! I used Heat & Stick powder to stamp the snowman and then stuck actual Cancun Sand to him so that he looks like a sand sculpture. I just am dieing to make a snowman out of the sand. I plan do that this coming summer now that my sand building abilities are getting better.

I will have to look in my photos and see if I can find some of the pictures of the sand creations we build. I know where one is... The Shark my son and I build last summer. (July 2006) Here it is...

This picture is not the greatest... The rules are you can only use things you find on the beach. My mother in law just so happen to find this dead fish... so we had to add it to the sharks mouth. I wonder if there is a better picture... let me check. Oh Yes... this is a little better!

This is a great summer past time! I have great tools for it now so my stuff the past summer (2007) turned out so much better!
Thanks for reading all my rambling!

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