Friday, October 12, 2007

I never win!!

Okay so on Stamping Bella's website she had a blog and wanted people to ring in on their funniest experience that has to do with stamps/scrap-booking... I loved this other woman's post (Rosy) but I thought I would just give a story... I thought I would share it with you gals on here too... If the women from the party happen to read this blog... you know who you are... just know that you helped me win a prize from Stamping Bella.

Okay so I don’t know HOW or WHY I would even type anything… Rosybella has a pretty gosh darn story here, and she has her friend’s blog that backs it up and is exactly the way she discribes it. LOVE IT!
But Oh well, thought I would throw my hat into the pile and see if FOR ONCE in my life I win…. ha ha ha
Okay so I am a demonstrator (like most of us) and I had this hostess party with a bunch of older ladies. I get like “totally” dressed up for these things… (at least for me being a stay at home mom, this is an opportunity to put on some clothes that aren’t just jeans and T.) So anyway I get all dressed up, and go to this workshop. Now, I am really trying to look and be way professional… Not just some lady that comes over and gets crafty with these ladies but I wanted them to get that this was my business…
So on with the story! I get to this woman’s house (this was the first time I had done a show with any of these women) and there are crosses EVERYWHERE! Like major religious woman so I am really pressured to stay on my very best behavior, make sure I don’t blurt out any foul language and everything. Best behavior Laura is what I keep thinking.
So the party starts… and the hostess pours red wine for those who want it… I of course don’t accept cause I get mouthy when I drink and didn’t want to push my limits…
So I start my demo… and as I get into it it’s time to ink up some stamps… so I tell the ladies “OKAY SO YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR THINGY REALLY WET” (talking about the stamp pad) and then you take your stamp and get it “ALL JUICY”. “JUST SMOOOOSH IT AROUND ON THE PAD AND GET IT GOOD AND COVERED.”by this time the ladies are red in the face laughing so hard at me… I am thinking what in the heck did I miss….????
So then I said and then you gently tap this down … Now remember you don’t have to press hard to make it work good. In fact as long as it is good an juicy it works better.
Oh my gosh laughing is just pouring out of these ladies! I looked at the one woman next to me and said “What did I miss?” and she said you sound like you are instructing us on how to have SEX or something… “Get it all Wet and Juicy, and Tap here Gently!” Oh my gosh, my face must have gone pale white, cause the woman accross from me at the table spit out her wine all over me, my project and my “nice” clothes…
I was sooooo UTTERLY EMBARASSED that I couldn’t stand it.
To top things off, the next month I went to the party again, and when I got there the one older lady said ‘Our Sex Coach Is Here!”… Oh man I was much more careful with my choice of words this time but I still said a few things that made them laugh … the difference was this time I was laughing along with them. =D
Thanks for reading…Good luck to all the ladies that play along with the game here!Laura

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