Friday, August 8, 2008

Raise the Roof

There is a fund-raiser this weekend for Habitat for Humanity... it is a silent auction. I was honored to donated some cards and this box. The name of the fundraiser is "RAISE THE ROOF" I took the "theme" and ran with it.

Here are some pictures of the box that the 15 handmade cards with dividers.

Do you see the bellas in all the different rooms of the house? I have Bubblebella in the top left corner taking a bath behind "smoked glass". (You know all bathrooms have foggy windows). I have a Fella (I used fisherfella) standing in bedroom putting his change on the dresser - Purple curtains. and then downstairs is their daughter "cosmobella"... she is looking out the window with the flowerbox waiting for the friends to come party with her.

I tried to zoom in so that you can see the door... it is sooo cute.. All cut pieces of paper, so the different "panels" of the door all pop, and then the window is covered with chrystal effects so that it looks like glass in real life. See the little sign, it says Happy is the home that shelters a friend. Each siding board is laid down individually... and the grass is "mowed" perfectly! It is SOOO much cuter than these pictures show!

When you open the box it litterally "Raises the Roof" to the house. Each shingle has been punched out (3/4" circle punch) and then each one was individually shadowed and spounged and glued on one by one.
I was trying to show some of the things that you can do with a house (what the family that is having a house built by habitat for humanity will be able to do now.) So take a bath, have a room to collect money, have parties/friends, and in the background I have all the kids playing in the back yard. Two big trees with a tire swing (Good Year of course) and 3 kids playing with bugs.

The "latch" is just a piece of fiber that wraps around a cloud and a piece of "yard" to close the door.

When you open the latch and open the top of the box, I have the dividers inside... but you can also see that in the trees there are 2 squirrels playing and a blue bird sitting in it's own home. (Hidden message: Other things get homes from the one home that you build in partnership with Habitat for Humanity). Of course this picture shows the dividers as well... There is Birthday, Thank you, Just because, and For you (blank cards)

And lastly there are the sides... I have a mailbox on one side... because there is nothing like getting cards in the mail... (that is why you wanna buy this box.. so that you can send cards to those who you love.) I am all for the personal touch of a handmade card, hadwritten and sealed and stamped to mail - SNAIL MAIL to your loved ones. The other side is a small card just reminding whom ever buys the box-o- cards why they bought it ... It goes to a good cause. I gave myself credit for the creation itself and the cards inside... but I have Copyright information on the bottom of box... giving credit to Stampin' Up, Stamping Bella and Eat Cake Graphics.

I will be showing the cards I put inside in the next couple days.
Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

wow, unbelieveable what you've done creative. Much time and energy spent on something that brings much joy. I'm sure it brought you much joy working on this! You are SO artistic and I encourage you to do more and more of this type of thing...for yourself and sharing with others. No doubt, created with much love and tender loving care. Whoever bids on this house-full... is getting quite the prize!! I think you and your art are one-of-a-kind! Laura

Contact Info said...

OMG this is wonderful. You did an amazing job.

Lynn said...

What a great thing to do!
This is just to darn cute and must have been so much work!

Jennifer Hodge said...

That is so very cute! What a great idea!

Cheribella said...

This is so unbelievably creative. The amount of work that must have gone into this is astonishing. You must be very proud. Your blog and all of your work is awesome.

Kim said...

Oh My Goodness is that adorable! You did a WONDERFUL job and what a GREAT cause it is going for! Your creation is a masterpeice and you can tell a lot of love went into making it! AWESOME JOB!
Hugs~ Kim
PS - you are right...ONLY a sistah can enjoy that as much as you! :)

Debby said...

Laura it is absolutely incredible! It's obvious a lot of love and attention went in to this house. Very nice job indeed.

Kim's Life said...

Wow, Love the house!!! You did great!!!! Hope you get a great big bid!!!

ChrisaBella said...

That is absolutely awesome! The details and the work involved...leave me speechless. What a wonderful, wonderful prize.

Christi said...

Wow! This is fantastic! What an amazing prize and such a good cause.

Anonymous said...

Laura this is AWESOME!! You are sooooo very creative!!! I can only imagine how much hard work and time went into creating this wonderful house!!! LOVE IT!!!

Meli Mitchell said...

Those are all infinitely adorable!

LeAnne said...

Wow Laura, that has to be the cutest bella house ever. It is obvious to em how much creativity and time went into making it. I hope it draws a HUGE bid for habitat for humanity...such a great cause.

Come see me at Archiver's sometime soon :)