Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Got it!!

I GOT MY SCANNER TO WORK!!! I can now start scanning and posting again... on a very regular basis. I can't wait.

With NO further delay... I HAD to make this fabulous card for my friend who's birthday is in a week or so. I used the FABULOUS colors because of a color challenge that I was just dying to use!!! Groovy Guava, Bairly Banana, and Chocolate Chip... with Whisper white of course.

There are some elements on this card I just can't let you miss out on:
1. Do you see the perfect little dry embossed dots along both sides? How fabulous are these. These are made with the CROP-A-DILE. Yeah, it's not only good for setting eyelets, and punching holes. You can ALSO make these perfect little embossed dots on the edge of paper. If you get the "BIG-BITE CROP A DILE" which I don't have you can probably put the embossed dots everywhere and anywhere! I also put them in each scallop on the scalloped circle "tag" as well.... .

2. The second thing I want you to see is the frayed ribbon. Isn't it fun to see a different texture? I love it. this is so simple... you are simply faying the ribbon... First I died white ribbon. I used rubbing alcohol in a "pringles" lid and then I added drops of reinkers from Stampin Up! dip the ribbon in and you now have ribbon that is died to the perfect color.

Now make sure your ends are cut bluntly (square - no angles this time) With the way that ribbon is made there is always one side that is easier to "fray" than the other... I pull with my finger nail to find the string that keeps the ribbon all weaved nicely... pull on it...(if it is the wrong end of your piece it won't fray easily, so try other end.) Now pull and pull and pull... keep a tight hold on the they will be everywhere if you don't. In fact I fray to the middle of my piece and then I tie it with cord, thread, embossing thread, another piece of ribbon or what ever and then finish fraying the other half.
the stamps for this project: I used the retired Stampin' Up set called Watercolor Garden II. and I also used the wheel that is Stipple (I think that is what it is called.) And Happy Birthday is fromViola set.

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