Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's been forever!!!

Okay so I haven't posted anything for a long time, don't know if there is even any of you out there to read my blog... but... I wanted to just quickly post some of my cards that I have put sand on because I wanted to show how cool REAL SAND, Heat and Stick Powder and Versamark ink:

The first one here (the purple with shells) is made with a versamarker, I colored where I wanted the sand and then added Heat & Stick powder, and then I stuck down sand.

The second one was this crab one, I did just some very slight sand under the shrimp and under some of the shells... the same way that I did the sand on the shell card.

And the last one is this Bella card, where I actually stamped in a VersaMark Ink Pad, an d then stuck the Heat & stick powder down on it and then stuck sand down on the snow man.

I have so many things to show you now that some time has passed, I couldn't post some of my big projects because I didn't want my mom to get on here and see everything... So now, I can show you my mother's day gifts and stuff like that.

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Valerie said...

Hello :o) Thank you so muchf or posting your cards using sand! I'm the one that asked about it on SCS. Your cards are ADORABLE and the sand looks AWESOME! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do my picture frames this way its so cute! Again thanks so much for the info and samples :o)