Tuesday, September 23, 2008

blog candy redirect!

There are a few ladies doing the blog candy thing this week... I should do one as well...Hummm maybe I will after these ones are over... Maybe this weekend thru next weekend. Hummm I have some great things I could give away!

Anyway - check out this blog: http://www.hulachickabella.blogspot.com It is super and she has some cool things on her blog.


This woman is giving away an entire starter kit thing - check it out here:

Have fun and good luck to all!


Sherrie said...

Hi Laura!
I was looking through my comments and noticed you tagged me....thanks so much! I have played this tag a few times and have run out of 7 new things to say about myself...lol! But I wanted to stop by and say THANKS for the tag all the same. You have a really cute blog and some awesome cards!

Janet said...

You won my blog candy:) please email me your addy:)

Sherrie said...

Hey Laura,
To answer your question. You scratch the name in the pumpkin with a nail when it is small, then as it grows it scars over....I know....totally cool!